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Apr 24, 2023

Welcome back, Mayberry! Your good ol host Shift is here with Auntie Boy, the most contrast, hyper masc/femme, elevated and deep, up and coming rapper from the LA area you. 

This is the Audio Only Version of this episode. To watch the video version, go to Good Morning Mayberry YouTube.


This conversation is all pearls, cardigans, and lap cats while Shift asks what in the actual fuck went down to manifest this cottagecore musical masterpiece.

After a special appearance from Auntie Boy’s little kitty, Twissleton, you get to find out why these sicc genre jolting beats and lyrics exist. 

We out here talking bout weird ideas, people trying to make us watch Dr. Who, and the multitudes we all contain.

The jive is hawt on production, collaboration, sharing, and life lessons learned through music and talks about perfectionism as an obstacle to success and happiness.

Auntie Boy shares his creative process for writing and beat production. 

Shift shares how his drum teacher taught him to find solutions by making loud mistakes. 

Auntie talks about his song release party at Violet 7 Studios. Spoiler alert, Shift went and is still obsessed with Echos dropping a surprise that may or may not be edited into the end of this episode.

Sit in with your boys, Shift and Auntie, as they appreciate the art of crafting your weirdness into a homing beacon to attract things and people into your life.

It’s giving Celine Dion. It’s giving Matisyahu. It’s giving lit version of gramma’s house.

It’s raining flowers! hallelujah. Come join Shift as he meets the beautiful and brilliant Auntie Boy!


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Now. Go listen to the Meryl Streep EP!