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Get your brash and playful insights into behavior, systems and institutions. Come embrace our encroaching apocalypse with conversationalist and vulnerability artist Shift Orion’s Good Morning Mayberry where we dig deep and dissect intersectional nuances of the complex situations you’re facing every day.

Life is wild. We have to take the wheel back from Jesus since the boy cannot drive in thongs, and he's from before cars. Come on.

Board ship with epiphany-addicted, cult-exposing Blaqueer on tableflipping electric dreams in the rubble of the recently dissolved 4th wall of celebrity/political empires.

Come along! Shift is going to woke you up and lead you in:
- Black parading through dystopic imperialism
- Dragging NIMBY liberals crying about harris not getting the credit she deserves
- Spraying water on white anti-racist LARPers for sleeping on some other shit
- Deconstructing the eternal disappointment of suburban "progressives"
- Real-time and real-life fanfic with loud, proud conspiracy theorists who are sober from “both” red and blue pills
- Ambivalent skeptical bitchy witch vibes...

GMM is revolutionaries, non-democrats and non-liberals serving you cunning, cutting-edge concepts and calls to action. Come get it!
"I'm really not just another jabberjaw white lunk." Shift Orion --

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