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Nov 23, 2020


This absolute gem of a 5-minute episode is a slightly adapted story Shift's mom used to tell. Immerse yourself in a tender side of Shift's childhood and get some insight into some of the roots of this complex comedic vulnerability artist's mindscape. Closed captioned episode on...

Mayberry Capitalism Remediation Squad

Nov 17, 2020

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Nov 16, 2020

We couldn't wait any longer for a musical episode! This one has Shift's original songs, including one mentioned in previous episodes about losing a loved one to murder when they were both kids, along with a song about breaking up with democrat honeytrap relationships, and another that is a call to action for...

Nov 15, 2020


Shift casts a critically deconstructing yet ironically empowering lens on “the power of manifestation”, makes an attempt to bridge rhetoric for skeptics and mystics, and tells the story of how he accidentally found a loophole in “the secret”.

Come join Shift dragging privileged mystics for abundance...

Nov 10, 2020

Did Black Lives Matter before 2014? In this episode, you get to hear Frankie Mead’s story and why Shift will eternally Never Kamala forever and ever no matter what. Then Shift talks about failing Frankie, a song that took over 2 years to birth (listen to it here), and shares some things learned during Occupy…...