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Jan 31, 2021

What does Vito Russo (The Celluloid Closet) have to do with Anthony Fauci? “Sister Mary HotTakes” Blake is back to pour all the tea for you and Shift Orion. In this episode, Blake talks about having to cancel his trip to hug Shift before getting into the similarities of the historic AIDS crisis and the current COVID crises, Fauci’s commitment to ignorance, and his refusal to approve effective international treatments for AIDS people dying in the US. Shift flips out when he realizes that Fauci fits perfectly in the 2020+ political kayfabe cast. 

Blake references a video from November 2nd 2011 about Olympia, Washington riot tourists who almost broke the encampment because they were violently misguided irreverent guests, titled This is NOT Occupy; Day of Occupy Oakland General Strike.


Come for the covid compliance whining, convenience store conflicts, and civil disobedience controversies… stay for the salt, tea, and glitter!


Episode artwork by IG @bleakzblanketfort

Episode artwork by