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Mar 21, 2023

Let’s time travel back to January 29, 2023, with the glorious gem, Amy Dee, who came to stand by Shift as he firmly defends his reputation with the truth.

Some liars have threatened Shift’s life and livelihood by targeting him with hundreds of triggered fanatics --- this story is very important.

Learn about the timeline of Shift’s experience getting caught up in Eat Predators' messy “organization” after Alexa Nikolas started what may be the most selfish, inappropriate, and poorly managed book club that has ever existed outside of Yellowjackets season 1. 

Amy Dee reminds us that the #metoo movement centralizes around Central Casting, and mentions how irrelevant people can be made relevant by connecting their names in articles to actually important, well-known people and events.

Shift covers some anecdotal moments like how Alexa Nikolas' husband randomly left their baby alone with him... In a car... With the keys. And made Shift drive the baby around while he and Alexa Nikolas hung around taking pictures at a protest at Orange County School of the Arts with people like Nomi Abadi, Amanda Peters, and their partners. He also mentions how he was aggressively harassed by a police officer during the time they left him and their child alone. 

Shift refers to the bizarre and mysterious exposé website,, and how far back some truly alarming accusations about Alexa Nikolas’ abuse of others goes. He also reviews how Melanie Veronica inserted her undeserved and erratic #freebritney clout to boost Alexa Nikolas’ lies.

Tangentially, Shift highlights how long he's been working with media, culture, and movements with a story about taking care of Bella Eiko’s baby for 2 weeks in 2014 when Bella went to live stream the events in Ferguson just after Mike Brown was killed.

Can Alexa Nikolas project a lie that shines brighter than who Shift really is?

Can people play dumb while being smartasses?

Can movements ever get their shit together?

In all these questions and confusions… we know this much is true… liberal movement "leaders" tend to make themselves the Mean Girls in every room they’re in.

And… Shift and Amy Dee are committed to facing any foe to help make society more trauma-informed and honest.


How did Shift go from being called a “godsend” to being falsely accused of being a “stalker” by Alexa Nikolas and her husband, her mother, and her cultish fanatical “organization”?

Let’s get into it.


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Also.... get ready for Amy Dee and Shift's upcoming podcast, Glitch Sesh! A media and culturally-informed history and society focusing on spiritual predators and power abusers who seek to serve themselves at the expense of society and the cultural ramifications and consequences and how social behavior contributes to the erosion of trust in the culture of American society in modern times.

Season 1 is all about Britney Spears' circa 2004-2005.








[By the way, we aren’t breaking any laws, civil or criminal, by continuing to tell the truth.]