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Jan 14, 2021

In 2011, Shift and Blake, aka Bakesale, aka Sister Mary HotTakes, met on the street, there was an immediate connection, and now in 2021 they have ripped a wormhole into the past to bring you back hot, hot tea for your apocalypse buffet. Join us in a comparison of social movements, mainstream media irresponsibility, and personal impact of mass demonstrations from Occupy to whatever the fuck has been happening since 2020. Come for the protest breakdowns, stay for the Lindsey Graham gossip, cameo meows from Tubby The Background Cat, and occasional graceful tumble down deer trails of PTSD-charged street ministry and riot porn flashbacks with two random formerly homeless queers who suddenly realized they are spiritual and social first responders in a terrifying timeline.

Shift pops off about his frustrations over the misuse of words like “fascist” and “nazi,” reminds everyone he is coloring with crayons in unicorn coloring books instead of watching ANY of this news, and reiterates the logic of shunning of the DNC. Sister Mary HotTakes deconstructs Obama stans, illustrates the impacts of witnessing attacks from police, and shares his explorations into why racial violence is saturating recent American experience.

We gonna talk about how the dark and swampy South has changed with the Trump PRESIDEncy. We gonna talk about individual and communal healing from epic and neglected wounds. We gonna talk about the “anarchy of love.” experiential vs. theoretical politics, and people who use other people’s real lives to gain college credits. 

And we gonna talk about how Occupy was not a protest. And we’re going to tell you why.

Two bitches came to talk with y’all about how we TOLD Y’ALL SO. 

TW - sexual assault community counseling story

TW - liberal/centrist sensibilities

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