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Dec 26, 2022

Dr. Larry Lyons dropping in again to celebrate family and dissect parasocial relationships, psychology, celebrity, power, wealth, illusion, and propaganda with your good ol host Shift Orion! 

This episode is part 1 even though it is the second half of a conversation that was recorded on 9/8 (a day before the previous episode with Mx Defying). Part 2 is the first half because time isn't real and that was a better order in which to release the vibe.

We talk intimate, remote, and imaginary relationships, personalities as marketing tools, and the consequences of leaving a mark in people's hearts.

We talk Britney Spears and Brittany Griner prior to Griner's return home. We talk Special Forces and the Black Mirror energy of punishing disgraced celebrities in a commercial entertainment arena until their reputations are laundered enough to be commodified again. We talk obscure ethics.

Larry and Shift unpack ways Britney Spear's conservatorship was excessive, capitalistic nonsense! 

Between gushing about Larry's nephew, Camden Coley's Black boy joy... we get into:

  • What is parasociety?
  • How celebrity work on celebrities and consumers.
  • How social media changed the disproportionality in relationships with those know only through screens.
  • What can happen when fame is deliberately engaged.


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Dr. Larry Lyons has lectured and taught courses in 20th Century American literature, sociology and composition at Rutgers and Princeton University. As an independent consultant, he provides­ writing, editing and creative services for clients in education, public relations, non-profits and the arts. He is also the founder and creative director of Brick City Varsity, a Newark-based photography studio and vintage clothier.