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Dec 6, 2020

Virtue signaling, victim feigning, and sleepy progressives, OH, MY!!!!!!!!

Can we click our heels to get some genuine solidarity around here?

Shift and Tiana J get INTO IT on risks of being in “relationships” with people who are too privileged to “RELATE” to you. Welcome to a class read on people who act like liberals when the stakes raise... and reject marginalized lived experiences like liberals when they are faced with a conflict of interest... and melt like snowflakes when they are called liberals.... fake "progressives" a.k.a. FAUXGRESSIVES!

Come hear organic deconstructions on tokenization, marginalization, and ostracization by privileged “allies”. Unpack commonly under-analyzed/overused rhetoric like “community”, “love”, and “relationship” in this speedy crash course in the impact of loving lazy, under informed, self-declared socio political allies.

Shift describes how clumsy “normcore” fragility has disrupted his capacity to trust. Tiana J pours the hottest of tea on existentially dissonant “relationships” with laser-sharp prowess. This episode is a partial answer to a question not enough people ask: “What happens when Black queer people are (still) erased by media?”

Production note: Editing inspired by Uncle Fred (a.k.a. Mr. Rogers) and Sesame Street vibes. Magic School Bus your ass the fuck down and enjoy this narrative-based educational episode.

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