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Nov 13, 2022

Get your spiritual armor ready, Mayberry. Melanie Carlson (aka Mx Defying) is here to jump tandem with us as we jump in from 51k feet to skydive into the superstructure that ensnared Britney Spears into an excessively long and cruel conservatorship. 

Mx Defying is a leading researcher in the #freeBritney aka #justiceForBritney community. She is extraordinarily perceptive and unflappable in her approach to educating herself and the rest of us. Shift Orion is extremely excited to drop in and learn about the people, places, and events that led to the public health crisis created by the Pop Patriarchy’s predatory capitalists. 

Nothing but blue skies ahead as we stick together on this dark adventure and examine long-term private equity investments, IRL social network manipulation, legalities, harassment, intimidation, dirty Russian money, accountability, familial abuse, mental health stigma, human trafficking, and Las muhfuggin Vegas.

Here’s to hoping we can ultimately figure this all out and all help fix it. We are the system. 


“The truth often lies in the space between: the punchline & the laugh, the reason & the feeling, and the jester & the king.”

— Melanie Lynn Carlson


Check out Melanie Carlson aka Mx Defying website and socials! 


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