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Dec 20, 2020

The 1st half of this episode is one thing. Tiana & Shift tried to do a short episode but, alas, they talk. Tiana talks up people who ask "what's your bandwidth?" before they begin with you and billionaires giving away billions of dollars. Shift announces the Good Morning Mayberry merch shop being rejected from Facebook, reminds us that guillotines are for billionaires, and illustrates some damages Facebook is faulted for. Shift asks Tiana clumsy poetic science questions about the Covid vaccine and speculates plans for an OnlyFans exhibit. 

The 2nd half of this episode is another thing altogether. In preview clips from S2E1 (coming next week), Shift talks with a new guest about relationship structures and they volley experiential narratives about romantic and sexual dynamics of people with extraordinary lives.

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