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Feb 15, 2023

What if you were allowed, even encouraged, to lie? If you’re learning about public communications from Professor Christine Warda, you might find yourself invited to lie… and possibly rewarded for lying if you do it well. 

Let's explore some angles on information, misinformation, and disinformation.

  • How can we make sound choices in a world riddled with competing opinions and conflicting narratives?
  • Can we really know people through online interactions? 

After Shift gets into how much he doesn’t get commercial holidays… briefly time-travel with christY back to 2011 when she was trying to hold teach-ins about what Occupy Oakland was really doing... and how she got the shakedown from law enforcement based on devious media warping their expectations. 

This chat on ethical communications kinda gets into everything here… truth, lies, trust, the idea of what a "friend" is, human psychology, betrayal, social dynamics, pop culture, media, news, the unreliable narratives our memories can offer us, satire, influence, fear, derailed trains in East Palestine, Ohio... ruining television, conspiracy theories, our individual power, aliens (except not according to Biden’s White House)… but…

You can leave your tin foil hat on the rack for this one. Shift and christY get this show back on the rails with a sobering look at perception and trust.

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Shift Orion, producer/host, graphics

Christine Warda, guest


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Christine Warda is a Communication Consultant & Educator with rich and innovative experience in professional training & coaching. She’s coached national champio debate teams and worked with a vast range of demographics in her private and academic offerings. 

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