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Jul 11, 2022

Time jump back to February 14, 2021… when See Ellauri floated through Good Morning Mayberry to chat with Shift Orion. Hold space for infinite energies, flow state, unveiling, and listening while digging into chaos-order, grounding in charged social energy, and having insight about internal voices. Shift pulls his head out of his unicorn coloring books to get updates See delivered about the political events of the day. Spoiler alert - there was no impeachment declared that day. Anyhooo… 

Back to something interesting! Reverence of authentic performance and the struggles of having personal conflicts erupt from “newsworthy” events! You know by now - we’re all masters of weaving struggles and success, horrors and healing, and pain and progress here on the Revoluship! Buckle up and hold on tight… because, as Shift said about last year… “There’s a pace outside unfamiliar to me”.

See Cristian Ellauri is an MC (“Minister of Community”), a tea peddler who makes an unparalleled chai, and a poet who loves free-styling and hosting events. He’s a gravitational force that draws creators of all types from all over the place and uplifts them to platforms that allow them to shine at their brightest. Shift and See reminisce about the open mic See hosted, how they met, and talk about See’s new project, a flow state podcast full of chill rhymes, beats, and guests.