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Jul 17, 2022

Back to 9/23/2021 on another time travel episode! JJ Obee joins your host Shift Orion in a vulnerable, funny 2-part episode.

In Part 1, Shift reveals the challenges he faced when coming out of lockdown. JJ details how they met Shift and how they ended up with a furry pterodactyl who was supposed to be dying already... then had a miraculous and annoying recovery. JJ and Shift talk about the power and nutrition in human interactions and how lockdown and reemergence impacted their mental health. Also... Shift’s theory that a lot of glam is a coverup for disabilities and how Cooking With Paris on Netflix surprisingly got him through a suicidal episode.

JJ is an Ohio-born actor, writer, singer, artist, and landscape architect with a soft spot for wheezy Pomeranians currently dominating the dream in Los Angeles.

Connect with JJ Obee on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter @JJ_Obee, or or just google JJ Obee. You'll like what you find.