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Sep 25, 2022

Starbucks fired Sam Amato after he’d devoted 13 years to them because he gathered with other team members to organize ways of ensuring they all have what they need to survive and thrive!

So… your good ol host Shift quested deep into the interwebs to find Sam and bring him here for you to meet him and learn about the details of how Sam and his community are pushing back against Starbucks in a fun, sweet conversation.

You’ll be glad you joined us for this one! 

After breaking down the events and timeline, Sam and Shift talk about: 

  • the impact of dehumanizing policies and actions
  • rational approaches corporations could take to survive impending changes to global economics
  • and then… (thank heck)… Britney Spears, #freeBritney, and refusing to be a passive market that funds complete monsters who abuse artists.

What happens when a corporate overlord masquerading as a commonplace cafe manipulates its staff and treats human beings like tokens on a game board?


Newsweek article - "Video of Starbucks Staff Walking Out in Protest Viewed Nearly 20M Times"

Raw Story article - "Starbucks walkout over firing of union organizer tacks up 20 million views on TikTok"

What happens when a simplistic yet stunningly talented performing powerhouse grows up in front of the general public while being kept on leashes and in cages by abusive handlers unless she’s being forced to perform on cold microphones? 

-- Global friendship and support networks, unprecedentedly rapid legal education to the masses, and the most fabulous protests the world has ever known!!

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Sam Maloney and WMG NDA Info:

Rolling Stone article - "Warner Music Thanked Her for Exposing Sexual Harassment Allegations — And Silenced Her"

Rolling Stone article - "Warner Music May Be Forced to Reveal Sexual Misconduct Allegations"

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