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Jan 19, 2021

In part 2 of this bonus set, we are getting into a topic about a recent livestream broadcast that was brought to Shift’s attention by Eugene. The original video has been removed. It’s extremely violent and not in any way satirical, ironic, or disingenuous. We’ve got a link to a deconstruction of a screen capture of it here even though it may be pulled again. It's a video of 3 drunk not-exclusively-white men talking about committing acts of violence and calling for civil war as retaliation for recent censorship sweeps. 

Shift melts down then pulls himself together while Eugene, aka Lantern, takes us on a journey of evidence and illustration leading toward clarity around confusions and collisions in attempts to make sense of our situation.

Is it possible to deescalate the Culture War?Is it possible to deescalate the Culture War?